I would like to highlight the exceptional work of Rob Thomsen in our quest to find and buy our home - we met through a mutual friend. We moved to the United States three years back from India and were on the lookout for a home close to the Vienna Metro station. We decided that any home in a 3 mile radius from the Metro was one we could potentially evaluate. At that time, the market was hot and houses were flying off the shelves and going into bidding wars - it was disconcerting. This was all new to us and we turned to Rob to help us with the entire process. I was getting settled into my role at work and was not free to see all the houses so my wife had taken on that challenge. The problem was that she didn't have a driver's license and couldn't drive out to see homes. Rob didn't hesitate to help. Without much ado, he drove to our apartment, picked up my wife and drove her to see myriad homes. There wasn't the slightest hint of annoyance - he was affable, friendly, and ever cheerful. The search took nearly 3 months but Rob didn't pressure us or make us feel us though we had to settle for a house that didn't meet our requirements. We realized that every turn in the road seemed familiar to Rob which was reassuring. From neighborhoods 2 miles from the Metro to those 8 miles away, Rob knew his way around. Clearly, we had the advantage of dealing with someone who was at home in this part of Northern Virginia. I remember an instance when Rob offered to drop our kids at his home to spend the afternoon with Sonia and their kids while we spent the day looking at many options. When we couldn't find a home that suited our tastes and budget in Vienna, Rob suggested an older neighborhood close to the Metro - in fact less than 2 miles by bicycle. On our first visit to this location, we fell in love with the distinctive old brick houses and the charming wooded neighborhood and instantly found a house to call home. From outlining strategies, negotiating the deal, getting the house off the market, and finalizing the contract, Rob was exceptional. I have the privilege of stating that we are no longer associates but friends. I highly recommend Rob Thomsen and his services as a realtor.