Rob and Sonia are very dedicated professionals who do their best to ensure client satisfaction. We spend about 7 months to find the right house for us in Vienna, VA. Rob and Sonia were very patient throughout the process and never rushed us into something sub-optimal. They also go a step beyond and will try to get you early preview into houses coming up for listing, which is great in a competitive market like Vienna. We were also referred to excellent home inspection and lender contacts. Our search criteria got refined mid-way during the search to focus on only single family homes in one particular school zone. They were able to work with that narrow criteria and still able to find a house in good condition within our budget. We also had to void couple of contracts due to inspection related issues. Rob and Sonia understood our concerns and priorities, and helped ensure those contracts got closed out in the appropriate and timely manner. Rob and Sonia are very responsive and you can except to get any of your questions answered within a short time - by email, text or call. They are willing to be challenged and are open to incorporate feedback as appropriate. They will let you make your decisions but are willing to provide guidance and advice when they feel you may not be making the best choice. Rob and Sonia work well together as a team, and it has been an excellent experience for us to work with them. For anybody looking to buy/sell real estate, we would definitely recommend talking to Rob and Sonia and see how they can meet your objectives. You will not be disappointed!